State of Connecticut

           The Hon. Diane S. Blick
                  Judge of Probate

Litchfield Hills Probate Court
Welcomes You

Dear Residents:

The probate court touches everyone’s life more than you can imagine.

Traditionally, the probate court oversees the administration of decedent’s trusts and estates. Today, however, the court handles a wide range of sensitive issues affecting the well-being of children, and of persons with intellectual and mental health disabilities. An ever growing aspect of the court's work is overseeing the protection of senior citizens who live among us. The court has jurisdiction over a variety of other matters, performs marriages, and processes passport applications

The purpose of this website is to inform you of the court locations and hours of operation, introduce you to the court staff, help you understand the types of matters under the court’s jurisdiction and guide you to the current forms which are used in probate proceedings. I am confident that the user guides and information pertaining to fees charged will also be helpful.

I encourage you to visit one of the court locations to discuss your probate matter with the court’s friendly and experienced clerks. While the clerks are prohibited from giving you legal advice, they can be very helpful in explaining probate procedures and can direct you to any other services or agencies you may need.

I hope you will find this website helpful and welcome any suggestions you may have to improve the court’s ability to reach out to the residents it serves.

Diane S. Blick